Here are just a few of the comments and reviews Parrot Tracks Studio has received:

Rex Foster
I needed help...really special help...transferring one inch eight track masters from analog to digital. I was referred to George by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova, who does most of my sound lab work. I had already baked my masters and when I found George at Parrot Tracks I was given high performance waste of valuable studio time...full knowledge of the process...which not that many people have....and a really nice guy, to boot. I highly recommend Parrot Tracks for any project that might arise.

Bobby Solis
Our band Slowly Grace recently finished recording our 1st album at Parrot Tracks Studio. George Coyne's expertise and insight helped us create "our" sound. The facility is top notch and we are more than satisfied. We will be back when it's time for our next album. Thanks George!

Mike Barfield
George was a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional. He offered great guidance,patience and creative input for our first recording session. I highly recommend his studio, he is terrific at engineering a great sound. Thanks George for giving us such a great product.

I knew in my heart it was time to go into the studio. George Coyne at Parrot Tracks came highly recommended. I felt the recording would be good but I was blown away by the sheer clarity and quality of the sound captured! Amazingly beautiful! George, I am forever in your debt. Mari :)

Kevin Cox - XCEL 
What George did for XCEL was miraculous. He restored a 26 year old deteriorated tape and had our entire album digitally remixed and remastered. It sounds like a brand new album and the record company is extremely happy with it. His advice on production and changes were spot on and we all respect him VERY much. We cannot wait to get in there to do our next album with George at the controls through the entire process. His diligence and not giving up earned our respect greatly. I could rave for two more pages about his talent, experience and guidance. So go see for yourself… we will be back for sure.

Barry Duncan - XCEL
Wow, what can I say! George has worked miracles with our crummy, 25 year old tape! First, resurrecting it from it's old, deteriorated condition, transferring it to digital, then transforming our music from a weak, poorly engineered mix into a truly outstanding, "In-Your-Face" metal monster of an album! It is now something we're are all proud of. George, I simply cannot thank you enough for your outstanding work, tenacity and "Can Do" attitude when things didn't look so good, especially regarding the poor tape condition. You didn't give up on it, even though we had. Thank you. We look forward to working with you again in the future where we can have the opportunity to do it right…the first time!

Leticia Smith - Risas y Sonrisas
Thanks again George. It's because of people like you my dream has come true. You're great! Besides being great at the technical side of your business … you get involved in the project as if it were yours. And that means a lot.

Marshall Styler
George Coyne has been my friend and engineer for 17 years. In that time I have sold 1.14 million C.D.s of my 7 solo keyboard albums and George has mastered everyone of them.I depend on his extremely tuned and experienced ears to hone my recordings into final shape. His service to my music has been invaluable and I look forward to working with him on my upcoming projects. Thank you George

Kat Mc Nevins
George was great. I wasn't too familiar with the recording process, but he made it easy and comfortable. His studio is really clean and organized, filled with top quality equipment -anything you could ever need- and it's clear George is an expert engineer, guitar tech, and all around musical badass. In the short time we had with him, he figured out our drum machine was out of tune, which we didn't know was possible, and he provided insight that changed the way we performed the song we were recording. I strongly recommend this studio! This is a jewel in South Austin.

Darrell Vernum
As a music producer in Austin, my experiences working with Parrot Tracks have been unparalleled. George is my go-to guy for his knowledge and impeccable discernment. His management skills are top-notch and his level of professionalism is unrivaled. He is a fantastic co-producer who knows how to get the sounds I want and creates an atmosphere very conducive to creativity. I have never felt more comfortable working side-by-side with an engineer. I think good record production is primarily about the choices that are made. George makes great choices.  Dr D

Leah Deal
Best studio experience ever! George makes it easy, comfortable, and fun! The atmosphere is great and the mixes are well thought through and carried out! Thank you for each experience we have in your studio! It's why we keep coming back... Leah Deal

Larry Harris
Parrot Tracks is a very professional run studio capable of handling all your musical recording needs.. George is an excellent engineer and a great musician.

Ric Fox
Recording at Parrot Tracks was a great experience. George really knows music and he knew instinctively how to identify and capture the sound that was right for my songs. And the environment he provides helps keep the creative juices flowing, allowing for those magic moments to arise during a session. I think of it like a boutique studio. It has a great intimate atmosphere, but there's plenty of room for a whole band to spread out and not feel cramped. Overall: Great vibe; very professional.

Moses Smith
...this guy (george) goes out of is way to make your music the way you want.

Julian L. Fernandez
This is how it works. Record a CD, Distribute the CD, Collect Royalties. It's that simple. Thanks George our Adios, Goodbye hasn't even been released and we're on rotation in two radio stations. Wow, the magic you have brought to Los Texas Wranglers it was our Texas Treasures Cd that you recorded got us "Best Country/Bluegrass Band" at the Austin Music Awards. Just to be listed with Willie Nelson, Ray Benson, Asleep at the Wheel and other greats makes a small band like us believe in ourself. Thanks to people like you, Ryan Rader, Jerry Tubbs, Nancy Coplin and Margret Moser that keeps our spirits high and our desire to become better in our art. Parrot Tracks Studios is our lucky charm hope to continue making more music there. Siempre Amigos

Danny Hawk
Pedal steel with Gary P. Nunn, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Cory Morrow, The Derailers, Chaparral.
George gets the "sweetest" pedal steel sound in Austin......absolutely.

David Kendall
I brought a demo cd that I made to George and he polished it for me, making it much, much better than it was. He's a real pro, very easy to work with, and knows his craft. He also rebuilt a 1967 Martin D-18 for me and it is now one sweet baby! I really appreciate his approach and attention to detail. In addition he taught me a lot during the process of mastering my cd. He's a great teacher.

The Soulphonics
George co-produced 'The DYNAMIC SOUNDS of The Soulphonics' and, not only did he get the sound of the band, he made it better! The first review of the album said "With clean production yet authoritative attack, The Soulphonics are “dynamic” indeed!" (Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover) George had no problem accommodating our desire to record on genuine analog tape and this meant a lot to us. He also listened to our crazy ideas and helped us achieve the sound that we wanted. We had a great time in the studio and look forward to recording a second album with George sometime in the future!  Glen Worley - The Soulphonics

Terry Hale
George can make anything sound like a million bucks, and he does!! It never ceases to amaze me how great his sessions are. Thanks. T. Hale Bassist MCA recording artist George Strait

Parrot Tracks Studio

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